Building Permit Guide

If you’re looking to construct, alter, or add to a building, here’s a guide to help you with everything you need to know. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to our Town’s Building Inspector, via the contact information below.

Building Permit Application Form

Buildings and Development Permit Application form

Development Permit & Building Permit Guide

Development Permit & Building Permit Guide 

National Building Code of Canada

National Building Code of Canada 

Things to do before you start construction

  • Prepare detailed drawings
  • Prepare cost estimate
  • Obtain required approvals and permits

You must obtain a permit in the following circumstances

  • Constructing a new home or accessory building
  • Adding to an existing home: rooms, attached garage, sundeck, fence, pool, carport, railings/guards, etc.
  • Demolishing
  • Installing retaining walls
  • Installing new rooms in the basement or attic
  • Altering structural partitions
  • A change in use as dictated by the Zoning By-Law
  • The work requires to the issuance of an Electrical Permit

You do NOT require a permit in the following circumstances

  • Re-roofing
  • Painting
  • Plaster repairs
  • Drywall patching
  • Window replacement of the same size or smaller – consult with your window supplier to ensure egress windows for bedrooms
  • Insulating finished floor replacement, wall papering, or replacing existing exterior cladding for residential properties only subject to approval of exterior cladding type as it relates to fire separation requirements

Where to obtain permits and applications

Town of Grand Bay-Westfield
609 River Valley Drive
PO Box 3001
Grand Bay-Westfield, NB
E5K 4V3
Telephone: (506) 738-6409
Fax: (506) 738-6424

Information for swimming pools and enclosures

A building permit is required prior to construction or installing a swimming pool. For details, visit here.

Additional information

  • Building without a permit is illegal!
  • Construction must begin within 6 months of permit issuance
  • Construction must not be discontinued or suspended in excess of 1 year
  • No exterior surface intended to be cladded can be left uncladded in excess of 6 months


  • All additions, alterations, and new construction require 2 sets of drawings
  • All drawings must be clear, detailed, and dimensioned
  • INCLUDE: Site Plan, Materials List, Floor Plan, and Elevations


  • Complete application for building permit
  • Complete drawings – floor plans, site plans, elevations, materials list
  • Cost estimate prepared
  • Permit fee
  • Building Inspector notified 48 hours prior to starting
  • Building Inspector notified 24 hours prior to backfilling at any foundation wall
  • Substantial completion of structural framing
  • Building Inspector notified 24 hours prior to drywall installation
  • Building Inspector notified prior to occupancy within 10 days of completion of work described in the permit
  • A copy of permit, plans, and specifications must be kept on site


Other departments and jurisdictions

You may need assistance and approval from the following:

Office Phone Number
NB Power (506) 847-6000
NB Plumbing Inspections 1-888-659-3222
NB Electrical Permits 1-888-659-3222
Department of Environment (506) 658-2558
Fire Marshall’s Office (506) 658-3081

Zoning By-law

The Zoning By-law governs the use and occupancy of all property within the Town. The Development Officer should be contacted if any change in the use of your property is required. For further information please call (506) 738-6409. The following activities provide a sample of activities requiring approval, i.e., business office, auto repair, medical office, day care, etc.


Some applications require approvals by the Planning Advisory Committee or Council. The decision of the Planning Advisory Committee may be appealed to the Provincial Assessment & Planning Appeal Board.

New sanitary sewer connections

The property owner must obtain a sewer hook-up permit from the Town.

What is required:

  • original signature of the current property owner
  • plumber’s permit issued by Service New Brunswick
  • deposit of $500.00 (cash, money order, or certified cheque)

The Town shall be notified when the service lateral is ready for inspection (between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday to Friday).

The service lateral shall not be backfilled until approved by the Town.

Once the service lateral passes through the foundation the property it is considered to be connected to the Municipal Sewer System. Billing for sewer will commence the calendar month following the date which the service is connected. Number of sewer units to be billed will be calculated using the Sanitary Wastewater System By-Law.

Requirements for a backwater valve

All homeowners should be aware of the necessity of a backwater valve. The backwater valve is a check valve and, when working properly, it can help prevent a backup of sewerage water into the basement area of your house, due to a sewer main blockage.

This valve should be installed on the building’s sewer line just inside the foundation wall, inside an access panel in the basement floor. In cases where the building’s sewer line goes through the wall, the valve must also be accessible. Backwater valves need to be cleaned periodically to ensure the valve is working properly.

The Town Sewerage By-Law states that all new homes must have a backwater valve installed on the building’s sewer line inside the foundation wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked building and development questions.

1. Do I need a permit to build or modify a deck?
Yes. A new deck or a modification to an existing structure must comply with the minimum standards of the National Building Code of Canada. The vast majority of decks in existence today do not meet the minimum standards for guardrails. A permit to review these requirements will ensure your future safety and help prevent future liability.

2. Do I need approval to subdivide my property?
Yes. Any new creation of parcels of land should be reviewed with the Development Officer to determine the appropriate approvals that may be required. Even the creation of one lot is a subdivision. Both the Provincial Community Planning Act and the Town Subdivision By-Law contain the rules and procedures, which are to be followed.

3. Do I need a railing?
The design of handrails and guardrails is established by the National Building Code of Canada and guardrails are generally required anywhere the difference in elevation is greater than 0.6 m (2 feet). The design requirements are more stringent where the difference in elevation is greater than 1.8 m (6 feet). Every situation will be different. The Building Permit process will help to establish the requirements for your specific situation.

4. Do I need a permit for an above-ground pool?
Yes. A “swimming pool” is considered a development under the Community Planning Act, whether it is above or below ground, and therefore swimming pools require proper placement under the provisions of our Zoning By-Law. Swimming pools also require enclosures to prevent uncontrolled access. Please contact the Town to identify the specific requirements.

For additional information about permitted uses for your property, please call the Planning Department at (506) 738-6409.

Fore more information, visit Local Governance Reform | Community Planning, land use and development. 


If you have any questions regarding building permits, please contact the Town’s Building Inspector, at (506) 738-6409 or