Solar Array Project

The Town remains committed to taking action against climate change. Visit here for information on the Solar Array Project.

August 12, 2022: Solar Array Project continues at the Town’s Wastewater Treatment Facility

The Smart Energy Company has completed the initial site preparation of the Town’s Solar Array Project, and has recently started installing solar panels.

Next steps include completing the installation of the solar panels, followed by the necessary electrical components.

Work will continue through the summer, with the Project remaining on schedule to be fully operational by September 2022.

The Town’s Solar Array Project is a NOREASTER® solar system. This Canadian solar energy solution was built and designed in our climate, for our climate. Whatever the weather condition, the NOREASTER® can withstand everything Canada throws at it.

June 23, 2022: Installation of Solar Array Project Underway

At the Council meeting of May 24, 2022, Town of Grand Bay-Westfield Council awarded a contract to The Smart Energy Company to complete a 70kW solar array at the Town’s sanitary sewerage lagoon on Shannon Road.

Work is now underway with the initial site preparation adjacent to the existing 5.28kW pilot project, which was completed in 2021.

This project is sized to produce approximately one quarter of the power used by the facility annually. It will also reduce up to 70 per cent of our corporate greenhouse gas reduction targets from the Town’s 2015 Climate Adaptation Plan.

“Town of Grand Bay-Westfield Council are committed to the strategic priority of Infrastructure Sustainability and Climate Adaptation. As a riverside community which has been directly impacted by the effects of climate change, the Town remains dedicated to environmental leadership now and for our future generations.” – Mayor Brittany Merrifield.

Work will continue through the summer, with the system fully operational by September 2022.

To view the Council meeting of May 24, visit the Town’s YouTube channel here. (Solar Array was addressed at the 28:30 minute mark of the Council meeting).

To view the Administrative Report, visit here.

June 10, 2021: Grand Bay-Westfield Installs Solar Array at Sanitary Lagoon 

The Town of Grand Bay-Westfield is pleased to announce the installation of a 5.28 kW solar array at our Sanitary Sewerage Lagoon located at 33 Shannon Road. This Pilot Project will test the functionality of a greater 95 kW project to be sized to power almost half of the operations at the lagoon. Solar energy is a perfect match for the lagoon, where energy consumption is higher in the summer months when the solar cells will produce the most energy. The Town has engaged The Smart Energy Company to design, install and track energy production at the site. This project will promote The Town of Grand Bay-Westfield’s commitment to environmentally responsible behavior by utilizing clean energy from the sun to treat the lagoon’s effluent that returns to the St. John River as clean water.

The Town has consistently undertaken Energy Saving Projects since the early 2000s, performing Energy Audits for Municipal building retrofits, and test projects with NB Power to install an Electric Thermal Mass Energy Storage Unit, piloted LED  street lights to test LED lights to be used around the province, installation of an EV Electric Vehicle Charger at the Brundage Point River Centre; and participates in annual Power Shift Events to reduce PEAK Demand Load between 7 am and 9 am on days with extreme cold weather events.

“On behalf of the Council of the Town of Grand Bay-Westfield, we are committed to safeguarding our environment for our families and our children’s children to enjoy. The environment we leave our future generations remains one of our most abiding challenges and priorities. We are very proud of this work and commit to continued environmental leadership now and to the future.” Mayor Brittany Merrifield

The Town’s Climate Change Action Plan adopted in 2019 has set a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 38 eCO2 (t) per year by 2025, and this Solar Project at the Town’s Lagoon site will meet this Corporate in advance of our target date by 1-2 years.