Town Map – Cycling, Walking, Arts, Community Facilities, Business & Services

There is truly no place like Grand Bay-Westfield. Our Town is a dynamic and vibrant community renowned for being Neighbours by Nature – A welcoming place for all to live, grow and thrive.

The Town Map is a user-friendly tool, which includes the following features: Arts and Culture (Town sculptures), Street Network, Active Transportation Routes, Parks and Recreation, Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station, Schools, Churches, Community Facilities, Local Businesses and more.

Using the expanded map functions: menu pop out (top left corner) or full screen option (top right corner) you can select which features you would like on your map.

Municipal Heritage Trail

For more information about the Municipal Heritage Trail click here

Active Transportation Plan

To view the Town’s Active Transportation Plan, visit here


For more detail about cycling in our region please click here

Cycling Repair Stations (map reference point – under bike routes)

James Ready Park

Colonel Nase Boulevard

Tail Whip Park

Brundage Point River Centre

Lingley Station

Nerepis Station