Community Centrum Digital Sign

Do you have a message you want to get out to the community? Then the Community Centrum digital sign may be able to help! This is the digital sign located in front of the Community Centrum.

Please read the details taken from the Digital Sign Policy below prior to completing the form.

As per P-GG-012 Digital Sign Policy the primary use of the Town’s digital signage is for publishing Town-related/sponsored messages.

As space is available on the Town’s digital signage, the Town may publish non-Town-related/sponsored messages based on the following priority guidelines:

First Priority Town-related/sponsored messages
Second Priority Free community events/activities
Third Priority Fundraising community events/activities

Requests must be received within a minimum of five (5) business days in advance of the event/activity date.

Requests must be for events/activities taking place in Grand Bay-Westfield and/or where the primary organizer is a community group(s)/organization(s) based in Grand Bay-Westfield.

Recurring (daily, weekly, or monthly) events/activities are not eligible for publishing.

For-profit requests are not eligible for publishing.

P-GG-012 Digital Signage Policy

If your event meets the criteria outlined above please complete the following request form:

Requests for use of the Community Centrum sign are determined based on Centrum Sign Use Policy. Please fill out and return the above noted spaces using only capital letters and numbers where needed. We reserve the right to edit and abbreviate when needed. Please note that there are only 4 lines available with only 17 spaces per line (each letter or number used represents one space). Please see example below.

What _ _ _ _ RV_LIONS _ _ _ _ _
What _ _ _ YOUTH_ DANCE_ _ _
When _FRI_ JAN 29_ 6 – 9PM _
Where _ _ _ _ _ CENTRUM_ _ _ _ _

If you have any questions, please contact the Town at (506) 738-6400 or 

The use of the Community Centrum sign is provided “as is” and available without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, on the part of the Town of Grand Bay-Westfield. The sign could include technical inaccuracies or abbreviated spelling and any reliance on the information is at the complete risk of the user. The information which is contained on the sign is not in its original form.