Community Grants

The application deadline for the fall 2022 Community Grants Program was September 30, 2022.
Check back here for details on the spring 2023 Community Grants Program.

Visit here for the application form (PDF). The completed application can be emailed to or delivered to the Town Office. Paper copies of the application form are also available at the Town Office:
609 River Valley Drive | Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (excluding holidays) | (506) 738-6400

Community Grants Program

The Town of Grand Bay-Westfield may provide annual or miscellaneous grants or in-kind services in limited amounts to individuals, groups, and organizations for a particular purpose consistent with the aims and objectives of the Town. As the guardians of the community’s tax dollars, Council must limit the grants it issues and must ensure grants do not exceed the allotment for each fiscal year. Accordingly, the budget for miscellaneous grants shall be limited to $1.00 per capita for each fiscal year. The budget for annual grants (typically $500 or more) shall be established at Council’s discretion on a merit basis upon review of submissions received no later than September 30 of the prior year of the funding request. Applications for miscellaneous grants shall be determined at Council’s discretion twice annually based on submissions received by April 30 and September 30 at the Town Office, 609 River Valley Drive. For further information, please contact 738-6400.


Grants and in-kind services shall be considered under the terms and conditions set out in section 1.02 of this policy and requests must be in writing.


a. Miscellaneous grants shall generally be no more than $200 for any one organization/individual annually, and shall not in total exceed the amount provided in the budget.

b. Grant applicants shall be requested to provide the following information on a Town of Grand Bay-Westfield form available from the Town Office or on the Town website HERE

purpose of solicitation; total amount of funds the applicant expects to raise; amount of money that will actually go to the beneficiary; whether a professional fundraiser is being used; how much of a grant or contribution is the applicant seeking from the Town; what will the contribution be specifically used for; if the applicant is a charitable organization; whether the applicant will receive funds from other sources, such as United Way, etc. and if so, a list of other sources; and whether part or all of the contribution sought will be used specifically to benefit residents of the Town of Grand Bay-Westfield and, if so, how the allocation is determined. (REQUESTS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED UNLESS THEY ARE ON TOWN GRANT FORMS)

c. Generally, no grants shall be made to other than registered charitable organizations; no grants shall be made to individuals/organizations that are in arrears of any debt owed to the Town; no grants shall be made to teams and individuals travelling to sanctioned age-class tournaments, or other events excepting national or international events of importance; and no grants shall be made for primarily religious or political objectives; generally Council will not consider submissions that are the responsibility of other levels of government.

d. All grants are at the discretion of Council, and Council may consider such criteria as it sees fit in deciding what grant, if any, should be given, including benefit to the community and the relationship between the purpose of the grant and the responsibility of Council in that area;

e. Council may, in any event, require appropriate financial statements from the applicant either before or after any grant decision.


Notwithstanding the procedures covered under Section 1.02, the Mayor shall have the discretion to grant up to $100 for special events in the community or to organizations working for the betterment of the community, under the following terms and conditions:

a. there are funds available in the budget approved by Council for this purpose;

b. such grants are reported to Council at their next meeting; and

c. events and organizations receiving such grants shall not be eligible for grants under the procedures covered in Section 1.02, and vice-versa.