Bill-16, An Act Respecting Local Governance Reform, 2022, no.2 stipulates in Section 21.4(1)
21.4(1) Despite subsection 40(3) of the Local Governance Act, the by-laws of a restructured local government shall not apply to the areas that are annexed to it as a result of the restructuring until such time as a bylaw is specifically made in that regard by the council or the Minister, as the case may be.

As a result, the Town’s By-laws require approval by the Council of the Town of Grand Bay-Westfield.

Over the course of 2023, an ongoing review of all By-laws will be undertaken and brought to Council for their consideration.


The Town of Grand Bay-Westfield encourages residents to provide feedback on any of the following By-laws, to the attention of John Enns-Wind, Chief Administrative Officer:
By Email:
By Phone:
(506) 738-6400

Draft By-laws

By-law No. (Select By-law No. to view the Draft version) Description First and Second Readings Third Readings
GG-008 Town of Grand Bay-Westfield By-law Respecting Animal Control March 13, 2023 (First reading, May 8, 2023 (Second reading) June 8, 2023
GG-011 Town of Grand Bay-Westfield By-law Respecting Exhibition and Public Events March 13, 2023
PD-007 Town of Grand Bay-Westfield By-law Respecting Mobile Home Parks March 13, 2023
PD-008 Municipal Plan By-law June 12, 2023 October 10, 2023
PD-009 Zoning By-law June 12, 2023 October 10, 2023
PD-010 Subdivision By-law October 10, 2023
PR-001 Town of Grand Bay-Westfield By-law Respecting Roads Accessible to Off-Road Vehicles January 23, 2023
PR-001 Schedule A
PS-005 Town of Grand Bay-Westfield By-law Respecting Traffic and Parking July 10, 2023

By-law Index
GG = General Government
PD = Planning and Development
PR = Parks and Recreation
PS = Protective Services
PW = Public Works


By-law No. (Select By-law No. to view) Description
GG-001 Council Procedures and Organization
GG-002 Code of Conduct for Members of the Town Council
GG-003 Remuneration of the Mayor and Council
GG-004 Chief Administrative Officer
GG-005 Ridesharing
GG-006 Annual Bonding of Officers and Employees
GG-007 Administrative Penalties
GG-009 Plastic Bag Reduction By-law
GG-010 Noise
GG-012 Curfew
PD-001 Tourism Accommodation Levy
PD-002 Civic Numbering
PD-003 Planning Advisory Committee By-law
PD-004 Temporary Businesses
PD-005 Sunday Shopping
PS-001 Emergency Management
PS-002 Volunteer Fire-Rescue Department
By-law No. 11 Pension Plan Designation By-law
By-law No. 20 Sanitary Wastewater By-law
By-law No. 20a Sanitary Wastewater By-law Amendments
By-law No. 20b
By-law No. 46 Residential Properties Standards By-law
By-law No.47 Exhibition By-law
By-law No. 50 Grand Bay-Westfield Mobile Home Parks By-law
By-law No. 77 Street Closing
By-law No. 79 Repeal of Ambulance Brigade By-law
By-law No. 80 Traffic By-law
By-law No. 80a Traffic By-law Amendments
By-law No. 80b
By-law No. 80c
By-law No. 80d
By-law No. 80e
By-law No. 80f
By-law No. 80g
By-law No. 80h
By-law No. 80i
By-law No. 103 Street Closing
By-law No. 115 Dangerous or Unsightly Premises By-law
By-law No. 116 Residential Properties Standards (DOC)
By-law No. 117 Closing a portion of Second Street
By-law No. 119 Dog Control
By-law No. 121 Municipal Plan By-law
By-law 121a (Amendment)
Schedule A - Future Land Use
Schedule B - Road Classification
By-law No. 122 Zoning By-law
Schedule A - Zoning Map
Schedule B - Flood Overlay Zone
By-law No. 122a Zoning By-law Amendments
By-law No. 122b
By-law No. 124 Subdivision By-law – “Schedule A” is available at the Town Office

The above mentioned By-laws for our Town are not the official version of these documents.

The Municipality will make every reasonable effort to ensure that the information presented is accurate and complete. The Municipality will not be held responsible for damages of any kind arising from use of these documents. Original copies of these documents are available for viewing at the Grand Bay-Westfield Municipal Office during regular business hours.