Municipal Heritage Trail

There’s no better way to discover the history of Grand Bay-Westfield than by exploring our Municipal Heritage Trail! This trail stretches 14.5 kilometres along the length of our community, right along the shores of the St. John and Nerepis Rivers.

The Municipal Heritage Trail is built to blend into the natural surroundings, with activity equipment stations, quiet rest areas, picnic shelters, and benches so you can enjoy sweeping river views as you go.

Just click on the symbol to read more about the stories of our historic riverside community. Experience life from the near and distant past, feel the blaze of the Westfield Fire of 1921 or the Landing of the Loyalists in 1783. Imagine a nostalgic riverboat or sailing trip along the river or a quick dip in the water from the sandy shoreline.

After you explore the stories of the Municipal Heritage Trail here, make sure you go walk,run, bike*, or drive the trail to get the full heritage experience of our community!

*The trail follows a walking, running path from the Ononette Station to the Grand Bay station that is available to walkers / runners only. Bikes should stay parallel to the road.