The Town of Grand Bay-Westfield wishes to advise residents that the 2023 sewerage bills (invoices) are being mailed the week of January 30, 2023. Sewerage bills are mailed to the last known address of the property owner(s). Property owners who have changed their address without notifying the Town, may not have received a bill. The Town considers undelivered bills that are returned to the municipality, deemed to have been delivered. The Town of Grand Bay-Westfield reminds residents that sewerage bills are due upon receipt.

2023 User Unit Rates
User Type Annual Rate
Residential $350.00
Commercial $350.00
Institutional $350.00
Payment Options
Payments may be made in-person at the Town Office by cash, cheque, money order, debit or credit card. Credit card payments may also be made by phone by contacting (506)738-6400.
The Town has a secured mail drop-off box located outside the entrance to the Town Office, 609 River Valley Drive. Please do not place cash in the drop-off box.
Electronic bill payment services are available via the following financial institutions: Bank of Nova Scotia, Royal Bank and CIBC.
Payments can be sent to using online and mobile banking platforms that support Interac e-Transfer. Please include your Account Number in the message field. For any questions regarding this payment method, please contact your financial institution

Receive statements electronically

Visit HERE to complete the form to receive sewerage statements electronically.

Change of name or address

Please contact the Town Office at (506) 738-6400 if your name or address is incorrect on your statement.


The Council of the Town of Grand Bay-Westfield, as part of the 2023 budget process, approved an increase in sewer user unit rates from $325 to $350.

The increase for 2023 is reflective of increases in energy costs and the need to increase the reserves held by the utility. Legislation requires utilities to be self-sustaining. Without an increase to the user rate, the system would run a deficit which does not comply with legislation.

As part of the 2023 budget process, Town administration prepared a 5-year budget projection with the goal to increase cash reserves from $180,000 to $1.2M by 2028. To ensure the long-term financial resilience of the utility, it is critical that there are adequate cash reserves. As an example, in 2022, a capital project was deferred as there were insufficient funds in reserve to fund the work required.


For any questions or concerns regarding the Town of Grand Bay-Westfield sewerage user unit rates, please contact the Town Office via the information below.

Phone: (506) 738-6400
609 River Valley Drive, Monday to Friday (excluding holidays), 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.