Zoning By-Law

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Zoning By-Law

Colonel Nase Boulevard provides opportunities for developing different types of business development. Highway Commercial properties have great visibility from Route 7 and are easily accessible from the new Route 7 Interchange at Exit 86. High-End Residential Complexes set back from the main access will be serviced by Neighbourhood Services.

We recognize that specific land development scenarios along Colonel Nase Boulevard may require specialized planning tools to meet the needs of both Developers and the Town. Our Development Scheme provisions found in section 32 of the Community Planning Act of New Brunswick provide Town Council the flexibility to address these needs.

This Development Scheme is particularly useful for large projects where diverse land uses, large buildings, and design aesthetics are important to a community. A Development Scheme is generally associated with large tracts of undeveloped land that anticipate significant future growth, such as the lands adjacent to Colonel Nase Boulevard.

Other Jurisdictions
You may require assistance and approvals from the following:

  • NB Power 1-800-663-6272
  • NB Plumbing (506) 658-2510
  • NB Electrical (506) 658-2510
  • Environment (506) 658-2558
  • Fire Marshall (506) 643-7819

Subtitle Zoning By-Law Issues

  • When two or more permitted uses are located or are to be located in one building or on one lot, the most restrictive regulations shall be deemed to be in force for that lot or building.
  • Landscaping is required for the first six metres of the front yard setback area, except for exits and entrances. All required parking spaces shall be provided on the same property as the building or structure, as required by the use within the designated zone.
  • Other than a Dining Room License, applications for a liquor licensed establishment will only be permitted as an amendment to the Zoning By-Law, subject to Section 39 agreement under the Community Planning Act of New Brunswick and to such terms and conditions as may be imposed by Council.
  • No part of landscaped open space required around any building or structure shall be included as part of landscaped open space similarly required for another building or structure.
  • Any part of a lot that has a grade of 15% or greater may not be considered as part of the lot for purposes of calculating minimum lot area, subject to alleviation only by variance granted by the Planning Advisory Committee and by such terms and conditions as determined by the Planning Advisory Committee.
  • Commercial Developments abutting a Residential Zone will provide rear or side yards equal to twice the height of the main building or structure where a lot abuts a Residential Zone and provide a visual barrier a minimum of two metres high.
  • Commercial lots along Colonel Nase Boulevard will have a minimum of 50 metre lot width and 50 metre lot depth.
  • Split Zoning occurs where two (or more) zones are designated on a single parcel of land. In the case of Col. Nase Boulevard, properties are zoned Mixed–Use Commercial along the frontage of both sides of the Boulevard. For areas where Residential Zoning is indicated behind the Commercial Zone, the line is fixed on the Schedule “A” Plan, but the depth of the zones are permitted to be adjusted with Council’s approval, based on a subdivision or development plan being presented maintaining the general intent of the By-Law.

*Discretionary uses by approval of the Planning Advisory Committee.