Candidate Information Session

On March 23 and 29 CAO John Enns-Wind held two Candidate Information Sessions regarding the upcoming municipal election.

“Becoming involved in municipal politics can be a life changing experience full of joy and grief. As someone who started their municipal career as Mayor, I can assure it is a great experience. Now, as a CAO, working in the municipal environment is the most rewarding career I can imagine.” CAO John Enns-Wind

There will be significant change in Council this election. The Mayor has announced she will not be offering again. It looks like three Councillors will also not be offering. This presents a great opportunity for you to become involved.

A Candidate Information Session was offered for those interested in running in the May 10th election. It was be about an hour long. Its purpose was to help those thinking of running to understand the expectations of being on Council. Items covered in the session included:

  • Overview of roles and responsibilities of Council.
  • Council Remuneration.
  • Time Commitment.
  • Right to Information and Protection of Privacy.
  • Overview of Challenges and Opportunities.
  • Q&A with the CAO and the Mayor

If you would like to view the slide presentation from the sessions you can do so here – Candidate Information Session Final

It is important that the new Councillors, Mayor and Council as a whole, have every opportunity to succeed as individuals and as a team. This is why there will also be a Council Orientation session following the election.

Council Orientation Session

If you are successful and elected to Council please set aside the weekend of May 14th, 15th, and 16th for Council Orientation. The Agenda for the weekend is to equip you and your fellow members of Council for a successful term. This Orientation Session has required a lot of planning and expense. Agenda items include:

  • Governance Training
  • Operational Overview
  • Strategic Planning

All Councillors will be presented with a Council Handbook and an electronic device to read materials and for emails during the first part of the session and to be used throughout their term.