Plastic Bag Reduction By-Law Effective June 30, 2021

The Town, in concert with other regional municipalities have adopted PLASTIC BAG REDUCTION BY-LAWS, effective June 30, 2021.

What this means is that no business will be permitted to provide shoppers with plastic check-out bags.  Customers are encouraged to bring their own re-usable bags.

There are some exemptions:

  • for loose bulk items such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains or candy;
  • Packages for loose small hardware items such as nails and bolts;
  • containers or wrap for frozen foods, meat poultry, or fish (whether prepackaged or not);
  • wrap for flowers or potted plants;
  • protection of prepared foods or bakery goods that are not pre-packaged;
  • bags containing drugs received from a pharmacy;
  • transporting live fish;
  • protection for linens, bedding or other similar large items that cannot easily fit into a re-usable bag;
  • protection for newspapers or other printed material intended to be left at the customer’s residence or place of work;
  • protection of clothes after dry-cleaning
  • protection of tires that cannot easily fit in a reusable bag;
  • or customers purchasing of bulk or packaged multiple bags for use at home or business.