This is maintenance that occurs each year as required and by approved budget allocations.

Basic maintenance is scheduled between 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday – Friday and the fields will not be available for regular booking during this time.

The basic maintenance is provided by the Town, however if you require more than the basics, you must do so at your own expense and obtain permission from the Recreation Department before doing so. This is especially important when seeking to book tournaments. Any additional maintenance to the fields to change or adjust for different league play must first be approved by the Recreation Department. Please see the Tournament Request Page for booking tournaments.

Please note that garbage removal is the responsibility of the Works Department and is generally performed twice a week on Mondays and Fridays.

Leagues and teams are encouraged to remind players to pick up litter after each game and use trash receptacles supplied.

Leagues and teams are reminded that any changes or adjustments to the pitcher’s plates or mounds must first be approved by the Recreation Department to ensure the impact on other fields users is minimal. Infield mix is supplied, and leagues or teams are encouraged to use it to fill in any holes needed between games. Please use only the mix supplied to keep the material on the field consistent.

Unplayable Fields

The fields will be considered “unplayable” if the following conditions exist before maintenance can be carried out or before or during a game:

  • Visual ponding of water on the surface of the field;
  • Water sponging up around your feet when walking on the field and/or the foot sinks into the muddy surface (this is the step test).

If a team arrives at a field with these conditions present, they are asked not to play on the field. Several factors must be considered, including the safety of participants, the possibility of an accident or injury, and the unnecessary expense of field repair and maintenance.