Volunteer Opportunities for Committees and Boards

February 2, 2022 @ 12:15 p.m.

Grand Bay-Westfield Town Council is supported by a number of Committees of Council and participates in decision-making in the Greater Saint John Region through various Boards. Residents are invited to participate in the local decision-making process and assist with shaping the future of our community by offering to serve on Town Committees or serve as Town representatives on Regional Boards.

Current Openings:

Town Committee Openings

Age-Friendly Committee

The Grand Bay-Westfield Age-Friendly Community Committee is an Advisory Committee of Council which makes recommendations on matters regarding policies and services related to the physical and social needs of those who are aging in our community. The length of term expected is 2 years and the Committee meets the first Thursday of each month at 10 a.m.

External Appointment Openings

Trade and Convention Centre Oversight Committee

Established to review the annual budget prepared by Hilton Canada for the operation of the Saint John Trade and Convention Centre; to monitor the operations of the facility pursuant to an agreement between the City of Saint John and Hilton Canada Inc., and to make a recommendation to the Greater Saint John Regional Facilities Commission for the amount of the annual operating subsidy to be shared by the four municipalities.

Saint John Aquatic Centre Commission

The Commission is responsible for the management and operation of the City’s Aquatic Centre facility and to promote and initiate recreational programs, activities and sporting events in and on the property and facilities managed and controlled by it for persons of all ages and interests in order to advance the health, welfare and well-being of the people of the City and the Province.

There are varying durations of terms and the number of eligible terms is dependent on by-laws, agreements or legislation. Throughout the year, various openings may occur with positions available to the residents with appointments made by Town Council. If you are interested in serving on a Committee or Board, kindly submit your request via email to administration@towngbw.ca providing background information on your skills, abilities, and interests. Please indicate what Committees or Boards you are interested in serving on, and please provide 3 references who are familiar with your work and/or abilities.

If you wish to receive additional information, please email administration@towngbw.ca