Town prepares for winter storm

January 28, 2022 – The Town of Grand Bay-Westfield remains committed to providing efficient snow and ice control throughout the winter season.

A significant winter storm is forecasted to affect our community this weekend. Between 15 to 40 cm of snow is expected along with high winds.

The snow control contractor is prepared for the storm and all equipment is operational and ready. This includes having extra equipment and operators available.

Town forces are also prepared, and residents are advised that sidewalks will not be serviced until after the storm to allow crews to focus their full attention on keeping roads and access to Town facilities, such as fire stations, cleared.

High winds forecasted with this storm may result in plows being removed from the roads. Safety is the top priority; plows cannot operate safely in zero or next to zero visibility. Plows will always remain available to assist emergency services such as police, fire, and ambulance.

Despite all preparations and efforts, storms of this level will always result in difficult and dangerous driving conditions. Residents are encouraged to avoid travel until after the storm.

Residents can assist snow control efforts by parking in driveways and keeping roadways clear.

Children should be reminded not to play near the road or on snowbanks.

Please do not distract snow control equipment operators while they are in the process of hazardous work that requires their full attention. Questions and concerns may be directed to the snow control line anytime at 738-2230.

The Town extends thanks to its residents for their patience and cooperation as both the Town and contractor crews work hard to keep our roads and sidewalks safe.