Town of Grand Bay-Westfield approves By-law amendments, including the removal of infrastructure fees for subdivisions on Colonel Nase Boulevard

Published: July 12, 2022 @ 3:30 p.m.

The Town of Grand Bay-Westfield remains committed to its strategic priority of Population Growth to Achieve Financial Sustainability.

At a Council meeting on July 11, 2022, Town of Grand Bay-Westfield Council approved amendments to the Municipal Plan, Subdivision and Zoning By-laws.

Of particular note, is the removal of the infrastructure fees for subdivisions on Colonel Nase Boulevard.

“The removal of infrastructure fees on Colonel Nase Boulevard is a pivotal moment. The Town’s Strategic Plan speaks to attracting developers to build a variety of housing and commercial options, and this is a strong and confident step forward towards this important goal. I would like to thank Council, Town Administration and the Planning Advisory Committee for their hard work on these By-laws.” – Mayor Brittany Merrifield.

The third readings (by title) at the Council meeting were for the following By-laws.

Municipal Plan By-law

The subject matter under Municipal Plan By-law No. 121 A is as follows:

Removal of Policy IS-1 concerning an Infrastructure Charge for subdivisions on Col. Nase Blvd.

Subdivision By-law

The subject matter under Subdivision By-law No. 124 is as follows:

Interpretation and definitions.
Scope of regulation of subdividing land and construction/extension of streets and services.
Lots blocks and other parcels to be created.
Land for public purposes.
Municipal facilities.
Responsibilities of the subdivider.
Repeal of Subdivision By-law No. 113.

Zoning By-law

The subject matter under Zoning By-law No. 122 B is as follows:

Revise definition of seasonal dwelling and change residential general provisions concerning mobile and mini homes.
To add conditional uses in (R2) one & two unit residential or (MR) Multiple Residential Zones to permit garden suites, mobile home or mini homes subject to section 5.11 of the By-law.
Amend statements in the (MU) Mixed Use Zone to remove $451.21/m infrastructure charge.
Amend section 14 (RR) Rural Resource Zone to permit one seasonal dwelling per lot; limited to 58.06 m2 (exempt of minimum frontage requirements) as exempted under the Building Code Administration Act.

To view the Council meeting of July 11, please visit the Town’s YouTube channel here. (By-laws were addressed at the 5:05 minute mark of the Council meeting).