Sculpture by Rinaldi

“Untitled” – Alessio Ranaldi  

Alessio chose the setting for his “Untitled Work” to take advantage of the amazing river views at the Brundage Point River Centre. The sculpture is meant to be experienced while the sunlight moves around the site, reflecting the interchanging tidal water flowing by in both directions, and feeling the motion of ferries crossing back and forth in front of it. The soft texture of the carved granite stone flows around the sculpture, inviting the visitor to imagine their own movement through space.

Alessio is a professional visual artist who lives between Italy and Germany. He was born in Montefiascone (VT) Italy, where he studied in preliminary art school, specializing in stone carving. Later he enrolled at the Academy Art in Rome, graduating in jewelry design in 2002. After his studies, he began to participate in international sculpture symposiums in Australia, Argentina, New York, Israel, and Romania to name just a few.