River Valley Community Centre

Our River Valley Community Center opened in 1996 after a successful fundraising campaign. Since then, it’s been more than just an ice surface—it’s a safe, fun, recreational facility for all ages that serves our local community. The center offers room rentals for birthday parties, showers, dances, fundraising events, children’s programs, and is home to the licensed Early Learning and Childcare Centre and much more.


749 River Valley Drive
Grand Bay-Westfield, NB
E5K 1B6


Kelly Goddard, General Manager
Phone: (506) 738-8222
Fax: (506) 738-2858
Email: goddard1@nb.aibn.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/RiverValleyCommunityCenter

Recreation Facility User Policy


  1. Rates are subject to change for next season without notification.
  2. Ice cleaning is completed after each hour according to the schedule and any variance customer’s wish will be taken off customer’s time.
  3. There is no flexibility concerning time stated on the permit. Teams and referees may not extend any period into another user’s time or open time. Therefore, during playoffs, teams must buy enough overtime allotment in advance or finish tied games with a one-time, five-minutes-only straight time that will come off cleaning time.
  4. Your permit outlining user dates, dates cancelled by your request, or by special R.V.C.C.F.I. programs will be emailed or phoned to you. Study your permit carefully upon receipt.
  5. Should any booked period be sold to another user, the R.V.C.C.F.I. must be notified. Should a dispute arise at the arena, the attendant or staff will defer to the normal permit holder. Groups are never permitted to sell allocated time at a higher price than they have been quoted (i.e., minor groups to commercial groups).
  6. NO ADMISSION FEES shall be charged by the permit holder unless approved by the General Manager of the R.V.C.C.F.I.
  7. The R.V.C.C.F.I. smoking policy prohibits smoking anywhere in the facility.
  8. Liquor is prohibited in all unauthorized areas. Any user wishing to serve liquor must get prior consent by General Manager and obtain proper liquor license.
  9. The permit holder is responsible for any and all damages to the premises or equipment arising out of his or her usage of the facility.
  10. Minor teams are not permitted in dressing rooms until coach arrives.
  11. No sticks or pucks are permitted in dressing rooms.
  12. The attendant or staff on duty is in complete charge of the facility, and his or her instructions are always to be followed.
  13. Teams must vacate dressing rooms 30 minutes after end of scheduled session, unless special arrangements have been made.
  14. The R.V.C.C.F.I. reserves the right to cancel a permit at any time. With or without cause and to change schedules to accommodate special events and play-off games. Users will always be advised of such changes by phone or permit. (Read carefully.)
  15. A facility permit is not normally cancelable. If a session is cancelled and remains unsold it will be charged to the original permit holder, except during playoffs, if the users communicate their needs by one week prior to scheduled time.
  16. In the event of a storm situation, the R.V.C.C.F.I. is the sole judge of conditions, and unless the R.V.C.C.F.I. cancel arena programs, users will be charged for ice time. Cancellations will be given on radio, email, or by text.
  17. Users are responsible for securing dressing rooms with a key provided by the R.V.C.C.F.I. The R.V.C.C.F.I. will not be responsible for any loss or theft as a result of using the facility.
  18. In the event of machine breakdown, or poor ice quality, do not use the ice. Once used, the best we can do is giving a partial credit if we agree the ice was not usable. If the attendant or staff deems the ice is unsafe, teams will not be permitted to play. Notification must be given to the General Manager or staff concerning unsatisfactory ice conditions within the first five minutes of play. (The R.V.C.C.F.I. reserve the right to cancel any rental period during the term of the agreement for a reasonable cause, such as emergency, equipment failure, ice problems, etc.)
  19. Only equipment sanctioned by the appropriate national or provincial governing body will be used while using the facility.
  20. The users warrant that they are solely responsible for the provision of emergency medical aid during the rental. Helmets must be worn by everyone who is on the ice with sticks and pucks.
  21. Shooting pucks deliberately at the rink glass during practices and warm-ups is prohibited. Users intentionally responsible for damaging glass will be charged for its replacement.
  22. WAVIER: The R.V.C.C.F.I., its employees, agents, Board of Directors, and officials cannot be held responsible for any and all claims, actions, costs, expenses, and demands in respect to death, injury, loss or damage to my/our person or property. However, caused, arising out of connection with programs or use of the R.V.C.C. facility. It is understood and agrees that this agreement is to be binding upon myself/ourselves, my/our heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns, as the case may be.

Important Information: Please Read and ensure that each team has a copy.

We are a non-smoking facility which includes all our dressing rooms.
The following will be strictly enforced for the 2019 and 2020 hockey season.


NO SMOKING – within 9 meters of doorways, windows, and air intakes of enclosed public places and indoor workplaces.

  1. Any person found smoking in the building, dressing rooms, front steps, and any side door will be asked to stop, and the team will have their first warning.
  2. The second time anyone is found smoking the team will be asked to leave the facility and not permitted back to play the next game.
  3. The third time found smoking the team will not be permitted back to play the next game.
  4. There will not be a next warning the team will be removed from the facility permanently.

This is for the health of not only teammates but also for the children and staff who use the facility as well. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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