Recreation Facility User Policy

1. Users are responsible for their own set up, take down, and clean up. To ensure the facility is returned to the same order and cleanliness, clean up must take place immediately following the event, no exception!

2. Group contacts are responsible for ensuring that the User Instructions are carried out.

3. No unauthorized persons shall be permitted in the facility while you are in use of it.

4. Be sure all lights are switched off before leaving.

5. Please put away all tables and chairs properly and ensure that any areas used are swept and mopped if necessary. Do not drag tables and chairs across the floor.

6. Please put all garbage into bags and place in the corner next to the exit doors downstairs by the kitchen.

7. Instructions for use of stove and kitchen are posted, please follow them. Wash up, dry, and put away any dishes, utensils, coffee urns etc. Groups must bring their own wash cloths and dry towels as they are not supplied.

8. If equipment/supplies are brought into the facility, they are to be removed immediately following the occasion.

9. Any music/entertainment must stop before 12:00 midnight and the public must leave before 1:00 a.m.

10. A booking is only confirmed when paid in full and a Facility Permit is signed. Any damage to the building, grounds and/or equipment must be repaired at the renter’s/user’s expense.

11. No bar will be permitted without a valid NB Liquor Licensing Board License. License must be obtained from the NB Liquor Licensing Board in Fredericton at least 15 days prior to the function.

12. Upon request of Recreation Department the user must submit a complete list including names, addresses and phone numbers of its membership.

13. Any use of the facility shall be in good taste and inoffensive to public morals.

14. No smoking is permitted in compliance the Smoke-Free Places Act.

15. Groups/Individuals are responsible for obtaining sound equipment at their own expense, if needed, as this item is not currently available at the Centrum.

16. Groups/Individuals are responsible for ensuring that invitees/participants to your event observe the following areas designated by signs: No Parking, Fire Department Parking Only, and Disabled Parking. (Violations will result in the appropriate action being taken by the Town of Grand Bay-Westfield.)