Notice of intention to amend zoning by-law

Draft Amendments
Schedule B Flood Overlay Zone (Draft)

PURSUANT TO SECTION 111(B) OF THE COMMUNITY PLANNING ACT, S.N.B. 2017, C19 AND SECTION 15(4) OF THE LOCAL GOVERNANCE Act, s.n.b. 290017, c.18, public notice is hereby given :

that the Council for the Town of Grand Bay-Westfield intends to consider a proposed by-law to amend the Town of Grand Bay-Westfield By-law no. 122, a Zoning By-law for the Town of Grand Bay-Westfield.

The subject matter being considered under Zoning By-law No. 122 A is as follows:

  • Removal of reference to a Fee Schedule B, and introduction of a Development Permit Fee of $50.00
  • Definitions for Habitable Space and Portable Garages
  • Amending the permitted timeframe permitted for Portable Garages
  • Supportive Housing Supportive Facilities, including permitting Supportive Facilities in the Rural Residential Zone
  • Revision to section 5.4 Home Occupations
  • Introduction of a new 7.4 m minimum floor elevation for properties with a flood zone (as shown on Schedule B, Flood Overlay Zone)

Any person may inspect the proposed by-law on-line at the Town’s website or at the Town Office at 609 River Valley Drive during regular office hours 9:00 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday, Holidays excepted.

The Council has requested Written Views from the Planning Advisory Committee, and the Public is invited to make presentations and /or attend the Public Planning Advisory Committee Meeting of Monday October 4th at 7:30 pm, to be held in the Grand Bay Room, 609 River Valley Drive, using the entrance at the rear of the building.

The Council has set the regular Council meeting of Monday October 25, 2021, commencing at 7:00 pm for the Public Hearing, as well as First and Second Readings of the proposed By-law.  The Public Hearing will be held in the Grand Bay Room, 609 River Valley Drive, using the entrance at the rear of the building.  Persons who wish to provide written support or objection in advance of the Public Hearing may do so by contacting the undersigned.  Any person who wishes to speak for or against the proposed By-law is entitled to be heard at the Public Hearing with a limit of five minutes per individual.  Any person wishing to speak at the Public Hearing must PRE-REGISTER with the Town by calling 738-6425.

The health and safety of our residents is of the utmost importance.  Those attending the Public Hearing in person will be required to provide proof of double vaccination, to wear a mask and observe the appropriate social distancing measures.

John Enns-Wind, CAO

PO 3001, Grand Bay-Westfield, E5K 4V3