Mayoral History

Take a look at the previous mayors that helped shape the Town of Grand Bay-Westfield.

Village of Westfield

James Hoyt
James Hoyt 1967-1971
Roger Patstone
Roger Patstone 1971-1980
Murray Davis
Murray Davis 1980-1983
Kevin Thorne
Kevin Thorne 1983-1992
Ashley Little
Ashley Little 1992-1997

Village of Grand Bay, January 1973 – April 1988/
Town of Grand Bay, May 1988 – July 1997

Clarence Green
Clarence Green- 1973-1974
Vaughn Morris
Vaughn Morris 1974-1975
Elsworth Taylor
Elsworth Taylor 1975-1980, 1983-1986
Ed Kelly
Ed Kelly 1980-1983, 1986-1989
Freeland Tibbetts
Freeland Tibbetts 1989-1992
Peter Fenwick
Peter Fenwick 1992-1997

Town of Grand Bay-Westfield