Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked building and development questions.

1. Do I need a permit to build or modify a deck?
Yes. A new deck or a modification to an existing structure must comply with the minimum standards of the National Building Code of Canada. The vast majority of decks in existence today do not meet the minimum standards for guardrails. A permit to review these requirements will ensure your future safety and help prevent future liability.

2. Do I need approval to subdivide my property?
Yes. Any new creation of parcels of land should be reviewed with the Development Officer to determine the appropriate approvals that may be required. Even the creation of one lot is a subdivision. Both the Provincial Community Planning Act and the Town Subdivision By-Law contain the rules and procedures, which are to be followed.

3. Do I need a railing?
The design of handrails and guardrails is established by the National Building Code of Canada and guardrails are generally required anywhere the difference in elevation is greater than 0.6 m (2 feet). The design requirements are more stringent where the difference in elevation is greater than 1.8 m (6 feet). Every situation will be different. The Building Permit process will help to establish the requirements for your specific situation.

4. Do I need a permit for an above-ground pool?
Yes. A “swimming pool” is considered a development under the Community Planning Act, whether it is above or below ground, and therefore swimming pools require proper placement under the provisions of our Zoning By-Law. Swimming pools also require enclosures to prevent uncontrolled access. Please contact the Town to identify the specific requirements.

For additional information about permitted uses for your property, please call the Planning Department at (506) 738-6409.

Fore more information, visit Local Governance Reform | Community Planning, land use and development.