A message from the Entity 51 Transition Facilitator regarding the Naming Committee meeting of March 24, 2022

Published: March 28, 2022 @ 12:45 p.m.

On behalf of the Entity 51 Transition Facilitator, Bill Thompson

A meeting of the Naming Committee of Entity 51 was held on March 24, 2022 which can be viewed on the Town’s YouTube channel here.

During this meeting, I stated that Council had made the decision to seek a new name. I would like to take this opportunity to provide further information.  All municipalities undergoing Local Governance Reform (including Entity 51, which contains the Town of Grand Bay-Westfield) were advised by the Province that one of the first tasks the Transition Committee would need to undertake would involve naming the Entity. With this information in mind, Grand Bay-Westfield Council representatives and staff proactively prepared for the Transition Committee work by creating a potential naming process for Entity 51. This was provided to the Transition Committee as one of the options for consideration.

The options presented to the Transition Committee were:

1. The Transition Committee determine a name on everyone’s behalf which could include the name Grand Bay-Westfield. (Should the Transition Committee not reach consensus, then the Transition Facilitator would determine the name.)

2. The Transition Committee engage the community to determine the name of Entity 51.

Town Council and Administration provided the process as an option to the Transition Committee to facilitate choice number two. The Transition Committee made the decision to use the suggested process.

Additionally, during this meeting I stated, “You’re (Entity 51) one of only a few that are only having a by-election. I’m looking after five municipalities and the four others are having full elections.” It is important that this statement not be misinterpreted to imply that there was a choice between a by-election or a full election for Entity 51. This was entirely determined by the Province and is clearly outlined in the White Paper. The only election related decision required of the Transition Committee was regarding the make-up of the Council, for example, the size of Council and the type (wards, at-large, or hybrid).

I would like to assure residents that the naming process taking place in Entity 51 has been the gold standard of the local governance reform naming process. It has been lauded by the Province as one of the most advanced in terms of public engagement and transparency.

The Province appreciates your continued patience during the local governance reform process. 

Bill Thompson
Transition Facilitator, Entity 51