Snow and Ice Control Tips

The following are helpful hints to assist with Snow and Ice Control Measures in our community:

  • If shoveling snow from your driveway, place it on the bank “downstream” from your driveway entrance. This will mean less snow pushed into your driveway when the street is plowed. Our operators cannot “lift the wing” at each driveway; to do so would add significantly to the time required to plow the route.
  • When plowing your driveway, please don’t put snow on the street or sidewalk. This is contrary to Town By-Law No. 80 and can create a hazard for motorists and pedestrians. (Note: It is an offence under the Motor Vehicle Act to remove snow from your driveway and push or blow it across a roadway.)
  • Please don’t place garbage or garbage containers where they can be buried, damaged, or interfere with snow removal.
  • Park your vehicle in your driveway, well off the road, until street and sidewalk operations are complete. This allows our crews to do their job and make the streets and sidewalks safe for everybody.
  • Do not leave vehicles overnight on Town streets and roads during the winter season.
  • Avoid unnecessary spinning of tires at intersections. This practice is dangerous and hazardous for other motorists. It also tends to “ice up” the intersection.
  • Avoid installing mailboxes where they can be damaged by plowing operations. Canada Post can provide guidelines concerning the proper distances from road surfaces.
  • Ensure your mailboxes are secure before the winter plowing operations being.
  • Use coloured ribbon to mark hedges and fences, especially on sidewalk areas. This lets our operators know where they are. Driveway and lawn markers should be placed 4 feet back from the edge of the pavement. This allows the plow operator to push the snow off the driving surface.
  • Please don’t distract snow removal equipment operators while they are in the process of hazardous work that requires their full attention.
  • All concerns or requests relative to snow removal should be directed to the Contractor at (506) 738-2230, not to individual vehicle or equipment operators.
  • The public should be aware that there are many factors which affect the snow and ice control service the Town is able to provide, including: snowfall accumulation rate, type of precipitation (i.e. freezing rain or “just plain” snow), and the time of day the precipitation occurs. Cleanup times will vary depending upon these factors.
  • Sanding and plowing operations will be carried out on Saturdays, Sundays, as well as statutory holidays. However, snow removal operations are not typically performed on weekends or statutory holidays.
  • To help prevent local flooding, try to keep the catch basin adjacent to your property free from ice and snow.
  • If a homeowner engages a private plow truck to plow his/her driveway, please ask the driver not to plow snow across roadways or sidewalks so as to interfere with traffic flow or pedestrian usage.
  • When plowing or shoveling your driveway, please try and avoid creating large banks at the entrance to your driveway. These banks can hinder your visibility, possibly causing an accident.
  • If your home is susceptible to flooding during winter rain, you may wish to maintain drainage pathways along or across your property all winter and ensure they are open whenever it rains, which also allows easy monitoring to ensure pathways are clear.