River Watch 2021 Launch

Property owners in areas along the St. John and Nerepis Rivers are advised that water levels are now at Watch stage. 5-day forecasting indicates water levels will reach warning stage in the coming days. Long range forecasting indicates a lowering of water levels 5 days out, however, history has shown this can change rapidly dependent on weather and snow melt upriver.  At this time, residents should be making final preparations for any potential spring freshet flooding 

Grand Bay-Westfield residents who have experienced flooding in the past are advised to register (form below) with the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC)Only those registered will receive emergency assistance from the Town, assistance includes:

  • Sandbags (should forecasting reach the threshold for sandbag distribution) 
  • Further updates and information on emergency response
  • Clean-up and recovery information 

If at any point you and your family choose to evacuate your home, we ask that you contact the EOC at 343-0974 or email emo@towngbw.ca. This will ensure the safety of our first responders, preventing them from unnecessarily entering dangerous areas. 

Residents are reminded of the importance of maintaining physical distancing and all other COVID-19 State of Emergency

Emergency Assistance Registration Form

Spring Freshet Emergency Response Policy

5-Day Forecast

Flood information:
Before a flood
During a flood
After a flood
Instructions for Pumping Out Basements