Land Ownership

Colonel Nase Boulevard extends from Route 7 to River Valley Drive, with six principle landowners bordering the new right-of-way. Distinct areas of development opportunities exist along the Boulevard, with high-profile highway showcase lots along the main Fredericton to Saint John highway, large lot commercial developments to the south of the Boulevard, and neighbourhood services along the north side of the Boulevard to serve the residential nature of the land behind. Large blocks of land are available for subdivision with services fronting the Boulevard. Interior development can proceed with creation of local street networks and extension of services to lots fronting new streets.

Subdivision By-Law
Properties adjacent to the fully serviced Boulevard have increased significantly in value. Our community Planning Act contains a provision for Cost Recovery when lands being subdivided have the benefit of facilities previously installed and paid for by a previous Developer/Owner or Municipality (for example streets and services). Approval of a proposed subdivision cannot be granted without payment of an Infrastructure Charge calculated per metre frontage, equal to the share of the cost based on the initial cost of the facilities. A “win-win” for property owners, developers, and future residents. Based on an independent appraisal, land in this area had an estimated market value of $1,200 per acre, whereas the same land adjacent to the fully constructed Boulevard could now have a potential market value of $67,000 – $82,000 (or roughly $75,000) per acre. This financial gain provides the adjacent landowners with the ability to pay $451.21 per metre at the time of creating newly subdivided land adjacent to the Boulevard, instead of paying upfront costs to construct an access road to develop their own properties.

The Colonal Nase Boulevard Project has enabled the adjacent landowners to market their property while contributing back to our community less than 1/3rd of the actual cost of building the Boulevard. Developers purchasing land adjacent to the Boulevard are expected to pay Fair Market Value to the landowners for their land, just as the Town did when it purchased land to build the Boulevard. Subdivision Application Fees are very reasonable, with a standard $100 fee payable at the time of making the application. No additional cost per lot is applied to the application. The same fee applies to the creation of one new lot or multiple lot/street development proposals. Applications are processed by way of review by Municipal Staff, the Planning Advisory Committee, and Municipal Council.

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Landowner’s Marketing Prospectus

Available Land Parcels for Development

“The Town of Grand Bay-Westfield has been where I have called home for the better part of 35 years. I truly believe that we live in God’s country with endless opportunities to grow. My parents have owned Grand Bay Home Hardware for 36 years and I hope to continue to keep this business going for many years to come. I hope with the opportunity we all have with the new Col. Nase Blvd access road, we can develop this community not only in the commercial end with new businesses coming here, but also with residential growth and new home construction.”
– John Jarvis, Owner, Grand Bay Home Hardware Building Centre