PAC Agenda – March 19, 2020

Town of Grand Bay-Westfield

(Incorporated 1st January, 1998)
Planning Advisory Committee
Meeting May 19 , 2020

Via WebEx Video Conference

8:00 p.m.

1. Call to Order

2. Record of Attendance

3. Chairman’s Remark

4. Declaration of Conflict of Interest

5. Application for Variance – 248 Inglewood Drive
(a) Development Officer’s Report of April 29, 2020
(b) Emails from Patrick Morris of April 14,April 25, and May 9 2020
(c) Development Officer’s Memo of May 14, 2020

6. Application for Variance – 101 Nerepis Road
(a) Development Officer’s Report of May 14, 2020

7. Adjournment

Manner for Addressing PAC: webEx conference
a) each person addressing the Committee shall be requested by the chair to state his/her name and civic address;
b) all remarks shall be addressed through the Chair;
c) no question shall be asked of a Committee Member except at the discretion of the Chair.