230th Anniversary of Black Loyalist Exodus: 15 Ships to Sierra Leone

2022 is the 230th anniversary year of the Black Loyalist Exodus on 15 ships to Sierra Leone recognizing that people of African descent have been a part of Canadian society since the early 1600s and that their enslavement occurred on this land for centuries. The Black Loyalists departure is linked to the failure of institutional, political and societal will to fulfill the promises that were made to the communities that left for Sierra Leone departing the harbour of Halifax in 1792.

The conditions and causes that led to the exodus of 1,196 self liberated Black Loyalists were conditions of abject institutionalized racism and that this departure took place at the height of the transatlantic chattel slave trade, one of the cruelest chapters in the history of humanity.

The 1792 Project is committed to promote histories such as the 15 Ships to Sierra Leone that often have been left in a vacuum of erasure throughout Canada. The resources provided for well known monumentation have historically been funded at the expense of those erasures.

Recognition of the anniversary strengthens and acknowledges the important role that municipalities continue to play in addressing institutional racism.

The Town of Grand Bay-Westfield recognizes the ongoing significance of the UN Decade of African Descent and the importance of recognizing the history of Black Loyalists in Nova Scotia and throughout Canada. We recognize that rural or urban, from sea to sea we share a responsibility for reparation.